Comics by Alexa Cassaro: And I'm Feelin' Good (As a Fabulous Transgender)

Notes from the creator Alexa:

This week has crushed so many of our spirits, but I want to uplift us, even if just a little, to give transgender and all queer pals something to feel good about again. To love yourself and who you become on the planet. Because you are beautiful. You have heart, true heart, that deserves to be held respectfully and honorably. This also goes out to nonbinary pals out there like me. Embrace yourself, femme, boi, whatever makes you feel like you.

Pulse may have brought existential feelings of this world and why life, something so precious and unique, gets taken so quickly from the good. However, I will never let you feel alone. I make comics for you guys to bring smiles, laughter, tears, and understanding. You'll never be alone.

Alexa Cassaro © 2016 (PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE SOURCE)



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on June 15, 2016

I am a non-binary Illustrator, printmaker, craftsman, and fabricator from the NY, NJ area. Much of my work is YA related consisting of very strong sassy female characters, sensitive males, and curious genderless characters existing in an emotional and dramatic world. The comics I write have LGBTA+ and Gender Identity subjects. I support all the angsty confused teens and hope they can relate to my work and not feel alone or misunderstood.

I am mostly influenced by shoujo manga, anime trash, bad girls, scientific illustration, mermaids, and glitter. Those who are a fan of these topics I hope you enjoy what I throw into my work.