"The strange-but-true story of how one gay teenager's obsession with Twin Peaks took him on a wild and dangerous ride into adulthood."

When I married my husband last year, we honeymooned in Snoqualmie, Washington, the small town that was the setting for the cult show that is returning to us finally next year. So as GeeksOut's resident TWIN PEAKS insane person (see my previous fancasting post), I have to bring this Kickstarter to your attention:

NORTHWEST PASSAGE is from director Adam Baran (of the award-winning short film JACKPOT) and Executive Producers P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes (of the deliriously addictive Kubrick/SHINING documentary ROOM 237) and Jonathan Caouette (of TARNATION) and tells the story of Travis Blue, a Snoqualmie resident and childhood abuse survivor who formed a connection with the similarly troubled Laura Palmer when David Lynch came to town to film her story. What began as a much-needed escape from reality led to darker territory for Travis but always his life seemed to mirror the torments of Laura. The film will track Travis's twelve-year journey to the "Black Lodge" and back.

They're a third of the way to their funding goal, and they need your help to make this harrowing doc (and exciting companion piece to the upcoming episodes) a reality by June 2nd. If you're in New York, tonight (May 22), director Adam Baran is hosting a TWIN PEAKS-themed drag show fundraiser at Nowhere Bar in the East Village (details here).

Get your first taste of NORTHWEST PASSAGE:

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on May 22, 2015

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