Queer Geek News Roundup: October 30, 2016

  • Reactionary (to put it mildly) Christian evangelist and cartoonist Jack Chick (known for his comic book pamphlets, popularly dubbed "Chick tracts") died Monday at the age of 92. His worldview was deeply hateful, yet his work has proven compelling to a non-Christian audience for reasons Chick would never have intended. I'll have a full piece up here on Geeks OUT soon.

  • Marvel has recently announced series for LGBTQ characters Iceman and America Chavez, but an editorial at io9 questions whether that's enough:

After the outcry over the total absence of LGBT main characters in Marvel’s 60 series Marvel Now announcement, the publisher has declared just this month that America Chavez and Iceman, both homosexual characters, would be headlining their own titles soon. While it’s a step in the right direction, it still means fans looking for LGBT leads at Marvel are being told to wait until next year. More upsettingly, it also still means that Marvel didn’t see the lack of LGBT characters as a problem to address in its first wave of Marvel Now! series, or even its second. On top of that, neither America or Iceman have revealed their creative teams, making their announcements feel like throwaway attempts to stop fans complaining about the lack of LGBT representation at the company, rather than an earnest attempt to improve their current lack of LGBT leads—which is a shame considering they represent positive steps in the right direction for correcting Marvel’s LGBT diversity issues.

  • Only a week after Vox's piece on absurdist gay erotica writer Chuck Tingle, Tingle and game designer Zoe Quinn have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Project Tingler, an adventure game/dating sim based on Tingle's work. The Kickstarter page and video are hilarious; check 'em out.

Look for more coverage on Geeks OUT as these stories develop further!

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on October 30, 2016

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