Queer Geek News Roundup: May 6, 2017

  • In response to widespread controversy over the company's current Secret Empire event—in which, thanks to sinister machinations too complicated to explain here, Captain America unmasks himself as a secret member of supervillain group Hydra and mounts a fascist takeover of the United States—Marvel has felt the need to issue a statement attempting to reassure fans:

Captain America, will always be a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe who will stand up for what is right, and Secret Empire will be the biggest challenge Steve has ever faced... What you will see at the end of this journey is that his heart and soul — his core values, not his muscle or his shield — are what save the day against Hydra and will further prove that our heroes will always stand against oppression and show that good will always triumph over evil.

  • The first proper trailer for Netflix's Defenders features some much-missed Jessica Jones sass, Sigourney Weaver's mystery villain, and Iron Fist doing whatever he does, plus the promise of a dour hallway punch-up to end all dour hallway punch-ups.

  • Hulu has officially ordered Marvel's Runaways as a series, to premiere in 2018, and released a cast photo, paying homage to art from the queer-inclusive comic.

Fanart courtesy of Gigei on Deviantart.

  • Game of Thrones is due to end with its eighth season in 2018, but that doesn't mean HBO is done with Westeros. The network is developing four potential spinoffs; there's no info yet as to where and when in the show's universe any of these would take place, and it's unlikely that all four of these will materialize. Nonetheless, looks like our collective GoT withdrawal may not last too long.

  • Acclaimed queer-themed figure-skating anime Yuri on Ice (which Michele has covered here on Geeks OUT) is getting a movie.

  • In further Marvel TV news, we got the first cast photo for Marvel's Inhumans (premiering this September), alongside a teaser featuring some dialogue from the show and no actual footage. Between the dire-looking costumes (as io9's Charles Pulliam-Moore details, Medusa's hair looks dire for a character whose power depends on it) and the involvement of Iron Fist's Scott Buck as showrunner, I'm not too optimistic about this one.

  • The first trailer for The Dark Tower, the long-gestating adaptation of Stephen King's epic dark fantasy series, features Idris Elba battling CG monsters and Matthew McConaughey amidst multiverse-spanning shenanigans.

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