Queer Geek News Roundup: July 2, 2017

  • This year's VidCon (an Anaheim-based annual convention of online video creators and fans) saw controversy as feminist game critic Anita Sarkeesian, still one of the figures most despised by the GamerGate alt-right, saw her panel hijacked by a group of said alt-right personalities and fans who had taken the front few rows. Sarkeesian struck back, calling her harassers "shitheads" and "garbage humans". The incident predictably stoked the ire of Gaters, for which Sarkeesian deservedly expresses no regrets in a new profile:

Sarkeesian says it's clear that Benjamin and his entourage were there to intimidate her. "He had come with several others and together they took up roughly the first two rows. Of course he wanted to be seen, and I knew, because he was filming the panel, that he would use it to harass me and potentially drive harassment to my co-panelists, so I used the first question as an opportunity to let them and the audience know what was happening.

"I certainly have no regrets. And I definitely did not 'flip out' as some folks are trying to falsely describe it. This is a man who has spent years driving harassment toward me and other women online. Under the circumstances, considering his pattern of behavior and everything he’s put me and others through, I’d say 'garbage human' was one of the kinder things I could have called him."

  • Almost two months after Marvel's Inhumans sparked a controversy over Medusa's dire wig, the first official trailer for the show was met with less-than-charitable reception. The Inhumans' grandiose lunar city of Attilan is now a set of shiny atriums, Medusa's prehensile hair is completely absent, and it looks like much of the show may take place on Earth (which I'm sure is in no way a consequence of budget cuts). At least teleporting dog Lockjaw is here, and looks lovable enough to get me to watch the show... or at least clips on YouTube.

  • After cancelling the queer-inclusive Sense8 at the start of Pride month (and reconfirming said cancellation a few days later), Netflix ended the month with a surprising reversal, as the company and Sense8 co-creator Lana Wachowski announced to fans that the show would receive a two-hour finale special in 2018, resolving Season 2's cliffhanger ending.

  • A few months ago, I'd doubted that Wonder Woman could ever be as popular as Batman or Superman. This week happily proved me wrong, as Wonder Woman deservedly overtook Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to become the US' highest-grossing film in the DC Extended Universe. With regard to worldwide totals, Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad are still well ahead, but I suspect a sequel will change that. Hopefully, Warner Bros. and DC keep up the quality from here on out (Justice League, I'm looking at you...)

  • I'd be remiss not to end the week with a little Geeks OUT self-promotion: Archie Comics has announced a special variant cover for their upcoming series Your Pal Archie, exclusive to our very own FLAME CON! Come join us there in Brooklyn this August!
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on July 2, 2017

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