Queer Geek News Roundup: January 7, 2018

  • While we'd known for some time that Game of Thrones might not return for its final season until 2019, HBO has now made that official. Plenty of time for fan theories, at least.

  • Meanwhile, other networks are getting into the George R.R. Martin business: Syfy has picked up a series based on his 1980 SF novella Nightflyers, previously adapted into a 1987 film. The series follows a space expedition seeking to make contact with alien life that goes horribly wrong.

  • The beloved 1990s pop-culture-riffing, Steven Spielberg-produced cartoon Animaniacs will be rebooted for Hulu, with a new series set to premiere in 2020.

  • Mad Men actress Kiernan Shipka will play the title role in Netflix's upcoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch series. Move over, Melissa Joan Hart. (She's a Republican, anyway.)

  • With Black Lightning premiering later this month, the CW gives us a look at the title character's superpowered daughter Anissa (alias Thunder), who's an out lesbian. It's a brave new world for queer superheroes.
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on January 7, 2018

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