Queer Geek News Roundup: August 27, 2017

  • NBC's planned reboot of Xena: Warrior Princess, which was to focus on the romantic relationship between the title character and her sidekick Gabrielle that could only be implied in the original series, is dead for the time being, though the network is still open to the idea at some point in the future.

  • The new season of American Horror Story will star Sarah Paulson as a Michigan lesbian who loses it after the 2016 election of you-know-who, and is tormented by a cult leader (who apparently has a clown obsession) played by Evan Peters. I can relate to at least the first part of that premise; watch the trailer here.

  • Iconic director James Cameron (The Terminator, Aliens, Avatar) sparked controversy with an interview wherein he bashed this summer's smash hit Wonder Woman, dismissing the film as "male Hollywood doing the same old thing," and its title character as "an objectified icon." Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins fired back on Twitter:

  • The live-action Titans series, coming next year to a new DC-centric streaming service, has cast actress Anna Diop in the iconic role of alien princess Starfire. She joins the previously cast Teagan Croft, who will play teleporting half-demon Raven.

  • Word surfaced this week of two Joker-centric films being developed by Warner Bros. and DC. One is a straight Suicide Squad spinoff, a "criminal love story" focusing on the Joker and Harley Quinn, in which Jared Leto and Margot Robbie will reprise their roles. The other, weirder project (reportedly not set in the same continuity as DC's other films), is a Joker origin story, from the incongruous pairing of The Hangover director Todd Phillips and producer Martin Scorsese.

Much like the Clown Prince himself, I think the character is more interesting without any sort of definitive origin, but I can't deny some sense of curiosity about it (especially if being outside of DC continuity allows the film to go in some strange and unexpected directions in how it approaches the Batman mythos).

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